Pre Employment Verification

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Spy Detective Agency, being a famous Private Detective Agency in India, helps the corporate in their enrollment procedures leading powerful foundation screening of the employees, assessing their past and present experiences and capabilities, by directing an outsider reference checks and so on since spy detective agency is one of the first rate detective agency in Delhi and is the most favored decision of the customers from enormous corporate, in directing compelling pre and post employment verification. The measurements and overviews uncover today that very nearly 60% of the C.V's. are fake and are adjusted by the competitors themselves. These resumes and competitors end up being unsafe and inventive a negative effect upon you association. We know the goodwill's estimation of your association and henceforth offer you much modified Pre Employment Investigation services which makes your procuring process profoundly exact and smooth.

We lead check for pre employment, as well as for post job too, which helps you in knowing the accurate truth about your representative after they leave the association and hold hands with your rivals. You may be uninformed when your representatives may be taking data and information and passing it on to your rivals. Pilferages and information thefts are not kidding concerns and should be kept a daily check upon them, to keep any secret organization data from spilling out. We help you in knowing whether your representative is dependable and reliable or not, furthermore to guarantee that his past job and instructive capabilities subtle elements are genuine or not. We in this manner help you in picking the right human asset furthermore to know the subtle elements of the current workforce.