Extramarital Affair Investigation

Extramarital Affair Investigation in Delhi

Spy Detective Agency is the best extramarital affair investigation agency in Delhi, India. The company was established in 2012 by Mr. Rohit Malik an Ex-Officer of Delhi police with an experience of more than 12 years of service. The CEO holds eminent experience in the field of investigation due to working with CBI and other investigations agencies. The company consists of the best private detectives from the country. Our investigators are well trained and skilled professional who receive rigorous on the job training. The company has been awarded as the best detective agency in Delhi- NCR and offer extramarital investigation services in delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, Ghaziabad. It is because of the number of cases solved in the past and the services that we provide to the clients that make us the best amongst all investigation agencies in India.

Extra Matrimonial Affairs-

"undiscovered lies have a greater capacity of breaking us than the discovered ones.” Extramarital affairs seem a widespread phenomenon these days. The worst of extramarital affairs is suffered by the innocent who may not have involved in any of such activities himself. The reasons for cheating can be innumerable; still, every reason may lead to the same conclusions; devastating and the victim may take a long time in recovering from the same. A relationship outside marriage always has unfortunate, shattering, disastrous consequences.

Being cheated is a feeling that may break you from within and erode your strength, self-esteem, your personality completely. It diminishes confidence of the person, and he fears in believing anyone in future. A relationship outside marriage wreaks the trust and faith of the victim, causing unbearable mental suffering, and trauma who never expected of such an experience.’

Effects of an Extramarital Affair-

“Secrets and lies kill relationships. No matter how careful you are, you will get caught”. One of the worst kind of hurt is betrayal because here people who tend to be closest to you, hurt you to make themselves feel happy.

Emotional Trauma-

We all invest a lot in our relationships. From supporting our spouse in all of their achievements to tough times, we nurture our relationship with all that love and care. When you get to know about the infidelity between your spouse and the other, it is evident that adultery hampers your relation with your spouse and breaks the love of the marriage. All of this leads to a helluva of emotional mayhem and humiliation, makes you may feel victimized.

Loss of Self-Esteem -

When we get to know about being cheated, a sense of injustice engulfs us. The person starts blaming himself, the feeling of being duped for no fault invites tremendous pain tells you that your spouse did not keep up with the wedding vows and opted for temptation either. People start blaming either themselves or god for this misfortune. The victim is forced into a state of mental turmoil, creating a lot of commotion that makes him weak in making further decisions. They lose their decision making power and perception by judging themselves on this issue. This may lead to an inferiority complex in most of the cases.


In most of our cases, we have seen the victim developing an aversion toward making new relationships with people, they fear to make friends, they start getting disoriented with the family, friends or hesitate to visit public places. It is of grave difficulties to fill the gap left behind by your partner; this alienation may take the person into great sorrow.

Trust Issues-

"Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair." It is not that easy to overcome the humiliation and accept things with all that love again. Rebuilding trust may take a lifetime for many; the victim will find it difficult in trusting anyone further. The world for the victim comes crashing down, making you feel hounded. Trust is scared in relation especially marriage if broken can lead to fatal consequences.

Time Becomes a Luxury-

When your partner has more to explore outside home for joy, the bond between the families tends to break. In general, when a husband is having a relationship outside the marriage, he snatches that precious time from his family and spends it with someone he wants. He avoids keeping up with his responsibilities, avoiding kids and their care, this all lead to harmful consequences in their nurturing. The children may end up living life under stress and commotion.

Comparison with Others-

"comparison is the thief of joy." Your partner may start comparing you with others; they start noticing others. When a relationship falls into the well of suspicion, it gives you unexpected shocks. Your partner would start appreciating others over you, comparing others’ characteristics, their appearances, their personality with yours.

Guilty Behavior-

When a man becomes extra affectionate and showers you with a lot of attention, this makes him to disguise his real intentions to mask his affair. They may avoid eye contact with you in fear of being caught. They may start doing things they never did before to grab your eyeballs on his good deeds only so that they can easily hide their blemishes.

Impact on Children-

When time becomes a luxury for your family the people most to suffer from this is your kids. They are in the growing phase of life; the nurturing period requires a lot of attention, affection, and care. The children reflect their family background completely if they have a disturbed family life it can ruin their childhood, future growth; they can have a troubled youth. They are at the most vulnerable stage of life; such kind of negligence can break them from within. They may start blaming themselves for their parent’s separation, finding them in grave suffering.

In extramarital affair investigation, Spy Detective Agency has aimed at providing honest, ethical, detailed and reasonable facts evidences to our clients at affordable prices. Spy Detective Agency is a profound name in the investigation industry. We have been serving our esteemed client for more than six years, and the cases we have solved as yet have been from all over India and also foreign cities. Spy Detective Agency offers much investigation service to its clients that range from pre-matrimonial to post matrimonial investigations. In many of the post matrimonial cases, the problem of extramarital affairs is common. The problem and cases of extramarital affairs are increasing, and as in most of the cases, the problem may lead to having divorce as well. Anyone who is going through the problem of spouse infidelity will need a private detective to bring light to the matter of cheating. People often become emotionally weak and shattered over when they get notice of that their partners cheat them.

We, at Spy Detective Agency, understand that the personal issues and problems are of great relevance to you and if not resolved on time can have devastating consequences. In all its ways, separation leads to devastating and shattered dreams. An extramarital affair breaks the peace of mind of the victim who may be completely innocent on his part. We, at Spy Detective Agency, help you in restoring that peace to some extent. Our investigators hold years of experience in investigating cases like these. In most of the cases, the suspect is found guilty, but it is not the same in all the cases. Many a time a post matrimonial investigation conducted on the suspect finds him innocent in the investigation. In both the scenarios, we get you most of the accurate and relevant information, for all such assistance you may call us at the numbers provided on our website any time for free consultation regarding extramarital affair investigation in Delhi or across India.