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Pre Employment Verification
Spy Detective Agency, being a famous Private Detective Agency in India, helps the corporate in their enrollment procedures leading powerful foundation screening of the employees, assessing their past and present experiences and capabilities, by directing an outsider reference checks and so on since spy detective agency is one of the first rate detective agency in Delhi and is the most favored decision of the customers from enormous corporate, in directing compelling pre and post employment verification. The measurements and overviews uncover today that very nearly 60% of the C.V's. are fake and are adjusted by the competitors themselves. These resumes and competitors end up being unsafe and inventive a negative effect upon you association. We know the goodwill's estimation of your association and henceforth offer you much modified Pre Employment Investigation services which makes your procuring process profoundly exact and smooth.

Post Employment Verification
Employee Verification investigation is one of the fundamental point of interest which each developing organization needs and here is the best detective agency which will understand your employee verification investigation. Private Detective Agency India is one of the best investigator organizations for the worker confirmation in India. In Employee confirmation incorporates every one of the points of interest which are identified with their past and the present office subtle elements, locations, dear companions. Worker confirmation is fundamental in light of the fact that at some point the subtle elements of the representative on the resumes are not right on account of a few reasons. Employee verification investigation is exceptionally required for the developing organization for the best rivalry with other organization. Private Detective Agency India is one the Delhi best investigation agency through which a sort of cases has been understood.

Asset Verifications
Be it an individual or a corporate contender, we assist you with focusing their obscure/concealed resources. Asset affirmation is basic to assist you with focusing covered assets of an individual or a corporate contender or a defaulter. Resources subtle elements of people are frequently needed by people and also establishments for different reasons including recuperation of obligation or amid any suit.
We have the learning's support, skill and in addition the manpower to make your venture successful by directing successful Assets Search. Through this, we are even ready to follow the advantages which fit in with an individual and who all are attempting to conceal them from outsiders because of any kind of question and cheats. We direct a general and careful investigation on the subject. Attributable to offering a variety of services, we, spy detective agency have picked up a prominent position of being the most trusted substance and among the much acclaimed Private Detectives in Delhi.

Missing Person Investigation
There are basically of 2 types of this:
They had hidden themselves from the peoples. Where they had done some frauds with bank or companies or people have to return huge amount of money which they had taken from others.
Where a girl is absconding as they want to marry someone else but their families are not agree. And They run away from their homes
We at Spy Detectives Agency have a special and experienced team for handling Missing Person Investigation case. We have an excellent record to track down persons who have been missing for long periods of time. We will find for you.
We are one of the BEST MISSING PERSON PRIVATE DETECTIVE AGENCY IN DELHI and we guarantee for our services relating to relationships.