Cyber Crime Investigation

Cyber Crime Investigation Services in India

Spy Detective Agency is a highly experienced investigation and forensic firm that helps Corporations, Small Businesses, and Individuals address unwanted cyber issues impacting their lives. Each year we receive thousands of requests for help that range from Cyber Harassment, Unlawful computer Intrusions, Invasion of Privacy, Extortion, Internet Fraud, Trademark Infringement, Defamation, Copyright Infringement and Intellectual Property Theft.

Each day we are seeing more and more advanced strategies that cyber criminals are using to hide their identity, use as attack platforms, and to disrupt, destroy or harm peoples businesses and lives.

That is why Cyber Investigation Services are often hired by law firms in order to help them develop the technical evidence that they need in order to file civil or criminal actions. Because we have seen it all we can quickly help our clients solve their case and find avenues and paths that most law firms do not have the technical expertise to handle.

You can view the entire list of TYPES OF CASES WE HANDLE here.

Cyber Investigation
Internet Stalking & Harassment
Computer Intrusion (Persona & business )
Internet Fraud
Internet Extortion
Data and Intellectual Property Breach
Internet Defamation
Identification of Anonymous Attackers

Corporate Investigation
Trademark Infringement
Copyright Infringement
Business Interference and Interruption
Employee Theft