Personal Background Verification

Personal Background Verification in Delhi

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Person Background Verification in Delhi NCR

Can we trust anyone we meet daily or the people we met in the recent past, a new and lucrative business proposal? These are some of the most frequently asked questions by our clients over recent years. People want to be sure about starting a new relationship in different field so life; personal and public. It is for this reason that you must go for a background check of the person or the group or company. We in Spy Detective Agency, verify the antecedents of the people and bring forward a clearer picture and narrative. We investigate for history of the person; screen every minor detail, including historical background, criminal record, medical history, financial status, employment status, and more.

There is an ever increasing need for background checks all kinds of strangers near us. They can be a -present day friend, new business partner, a business proposal, new servant or maids, all engaging new neighbors, new employees, pre matrimonial investigation, post matrimonial investigation of the spouse to check their involvement with different people, and etc. If there is any doubt about your partner such as to check their loyalty on you, extra marital affair, post matrimonial verification, infidelity investigation, adultery investigation services, and so on. One can verify the validity of their doubts about their relationships by simply conducting a personal background verification which may help you clear the cloud of suspicion.

It is very important to carry out a background check before getting into any kind of relationship with the people you are not familiar of. In the public sphere, we generally meet people .with whom we plan to get financially captive or may think of starting new business ventures. However there are a lot of cases of such frauds and people have been swindled by fakes and hoodwinkers.

In personal background verification; if for pre matrimonial investigation, we look for the comprehensive background check. This includes historical background, educational qualifications, reputation of the person and his family, criminal record, past employment history, present designation, economic status, if a drug addict, and all such relevant information. If there are new servants and maids to home you must makes sure they carry a good conduct so to ensure the safety of your family.

In the professional life too, background verification is of core importance. The result of a background check investigation typically include past employment record, credit history, criminal history, professional qualifications of the person, to check if his documents are authentic, personal character of the employee , and etc. The prime objective of background verification is to ensure the safety and security of the employees in the organization.

These checks are often used by the employers for a means of judging the job seeker’s past working qualities and flaws, to commonly verify the accuracy of the applicant’s claims, to discover their criminal history as well. These include-

Person verification
Identity verification of the person
Person Character verification.
Pre employment verification.
Criminal Record Background check and screening.
Complete Background screening (CBS).
Drug screening

Spy Detective Agency has a highly skilled and professional team of detectives. Our investigators receive rigorous training for handle complexities involved in different cases. For both the scenarios; personal and corporate we have a variety of services to offer. We assist you in pre and post matrimonial services, loyalty test, divorce cases, infidelity and adultery investigation services. We also provide with physical and other types of surveillances, fraud investigation, missing person investigation, and etc. In the corporate investigation we cover issue as – corporate due diligence, employee verification, company asset verification, theft and pilferage investigation, intellectual property, sting and undercover operation, debugging and sweeping, and many other services. Spy Detective Agency is the most trusted and the best private detective agency in India, with efficient and prominent working record in the past. We enjoy a high privilege over our clients and have served more than 5000 delighted clients nationwide and beyond the national periphery as well.