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Getting married is one of the chief and biggest Decisions for a person and their family. A new one Person and family are going to associate with you for your entire life.

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Detective Agencies in Meerut


Spy Detective Agency Being a Best Private Detective Agency always gives insights of a candidate background which may have why he lost his previous job...

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Detective Agency in Meerut

Cyber Crime

Spy Detective Agency is a highly experienced investigation and forensic firm that helps Corporations, Small Businesses, and Individuals address unwanted cyber issues impacting their lives.

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Divorce Case Investigation

Detective Services

We are specialized in all Kind of Investigations like Pre/post Martial investigation, Missing person investigation, Divorce cases investigations, surveillance, Fraud investigation, Cyber crime...

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Pre & Post Matrimonial Investigation Services in Meerut

Detective Agency in Meerut | Personal Investigations, Corporate & Cyber Crime Investigations in Meerut

Detective Agencies in MeerutSpy Detective Agency Meerut is a world renowned set- up. The name you can trust. It consists of a team of highly Proficiency & Experienced Agents having specialized experience in different fields. They are expert of investigation, confidential verifications and inquiries for companies, business, personal services, moveable and immoveable assets verification, corporate services including criminal investigation, consultancy Legal and specialized services are also being provided by our legal experts. Spy Detective Agency in Meerut provides solutions to clients honestly, quickly and cost effectively relating to our services.

We as a reputed private detective agency in Meerut and one of the oldest and most experienced detective agency in the country, possess a team of highly professional detectives who are highly experienced to handle cases pertaining to pre and post matrimonial detective services, internal frauds, theft by employees, misappropriation of information, missing persons investigation, surveillance detectives, phone records, computer data theft, industrial espionage, copyright, patent and trademark infringement.

Spy Detective Agency Meerut has diverse range of specialist skills and have established our place in the private investigation industry and our range of intelligence services in Meerut continues to grow by following market trends, improving our governance, and focusing on our client's needs. We are experienced in all kinds of personal, corporate and cybercrime investigation.

Although, there are more than 1000 "So to Say" Private Detective Agencies in Meerut, most of them are Security Agencies but claim to be Detectives also, you cannot expect a security guard or even a security officer to conduct secret private investigations. Also, off late many "Fly by Night Private Detective Agencies in Meerut" have popped up, even Marriage Bureau's, Placement Agencies, Mobile Phone Shop, Wine Shops, Beauty Parlors, Recovery Agencies, Advocates & even Small Criminals advertise to be detectives in Meerut thus, one has to be very careful before revealing their secrets to others. To be a detective one should have the necessary special aptitude, training, experience & most essentially the character of the highest level; moreover it cannot be a part time job as it requires complete involvement & dedication.

We are a fully accredited Detective agency, dedicated in providing discreet and effective private detective services in Meerut. Whether you require surveillance for pre and post employee or matrimonial matters, trace people or a fraud investigator, we have many years carrying out various private investigations in Meerut. We operate throughout the whole of the Tamil Nadu and the Nation.

We are your solution because we have over 10 years' experience within the Private Investigation and Detective Services in Meerut, supplying clients with the answers they sometimes strive for, we maintain the highest standards of Private Investigation.

All our investigators are Government Licensed and Competency Accredited. There are several licenses that are required by a professional Detective Agency in Meerut, please be extremely careful before any information is divulged to any private detectives. Licenses and accreditations that one must look for is PSARA License, APDI accreditation, NAPI accreditation, WAD accreditation and also local shops and establishment act, ST, PT, PF, ESI, etc. We also suggest that a non-disclosure agreement be signed and terms and conditions be given in writing along with all receipts.

Please don't be nervous about contacting us, we are here to serve and assist you and help you through your investigation requirements. It costs nothing to contact us to discuss your matter and have us respond in total privacy. You can even attend our offices for a no cost and obligation fee interview to discuss your matter after making an appointment.

Your private investigation service is extremely important to us and your satisfaction with our services even more so. To those ends we strive for excellence. Spy Detective Agency in Meerut very quickly and professionally gains a full understanding of your private investigator/ private investigation requirements and expected outcomes and assists you in the gathering of early intelligence through the use of a competent private detectives investigator to aid the construction of a strategy plan that has the optimum chance of your investigation being successful at the best price.

Personal Investigations in Meerut - Personal Detectives Agency in Meerut

We are one of the outstanding private detective agencies as the Personal Detective in Meerut. Personal investigation needs to be very active and for this it has to a group of experts and experienced so that the cases can be solve soon. Our personal investigation in Meerut portfolio includes:

Detective Services in Meerut

Pre Matrimonial Investigations

Spy Detective Agency offers best pre matrimonial investigations services in Meerut at very lowest cost.

Post Matrimonial Investigations

Spy Detective Agency offers best post matrimonial verifications services in Meerut at very lowest cost.

Divorce Cases Investigations

On the off chance that you are getting ready for marriage, a pre-marital or pre matrimonial investigation will discover...

Loyalty Test Investigations

Spy Detective Agency offers Loyalty Test Investigations Services in Meerut at very cheapest price.

Sting Operations

Sting Operation is one of the hardest parts of any Investigation. It alludes to the procedure of catching a person in the...

Undercover Operations

We have sent uncountable quantities of Undercover Operation agents in various assortments of org all through India.

Due Diligence

Spy Detective Agency gives you all the information of a person's assets and financial information of his business.

Physical surveillance

We at Spy Detectives Agency have a remarkable and experienced gathering group for Physical surveillance.

Corporate Investigations in Meerut - Corporate Detective Agency in Meerut

Spy Detective Agency is a Private detective agency in India which has a team of experts which are highly experienced in the Corporate Detective Meerut. Meerut being a new and developing region is susceptible to more crimes and frauds. Spy Detective Agency is a recognized agency in the Meerut region providing unmatched detective services in matters concerning Industrial Espionage & Counter Espionage, Bank Fraud & Economic Offences to Post/Pre Employment Verification, Asset Verifications and others as per the requirements of our clients in Meerut.

Detective Services in Meerut

Pre Employment Verification

Spy Detective Agency offers Pre Employment Verification Services in Meerut at very lowest cost.

Post Employment Verification

Employee Verification investigation is one of the fundamental point of interest which each developing org...

Asset Verifications

Further, we additionally lead investigation for alternate parameters, for example, Bank Account Verification, Investment...

Missing Person Investigations

We are one of the best Missing detective agency in Meerut and we guarantee for our services relating to relationships...

  • Rahul Dev Meerut, India

    Matrimonial Detectives Services gave by the Spy detective agency was exceptionally powerful for me for taking the marriage choice. I came to know this private detective agency from Internet and read every one of the audits before giving these services benefits in Meerut.

  • Nitish Bhardhwaj Meerut, India

    Private Detectives Meerut is a Spy Detective Agency really, I know this firm from recent years. They helped me for my divorce case i.e. Post Marital Investigation service. I was rationally hassled by my in laws and Spy Detective Agency, Detectives in Meerut helped me to give me genuine facts.

  • Rohan Manchanda Meerut, India

    Hello there, it's my pleasure to composing a testimonial on SDA Detectives Meerut; group of expert investigators in Meerut is truly useful to get me out in my court cases. Group has given me fitting proofs needed to me for by case.

  • Rohan George Meerut, India

    I have taken a worker screening work with this organization as a HR and I discovered great expert investigation/detectives services from this organization. Wish them best respects for what's to come.