What is good for a marriage? Pre-wedding shoot or Pre background check.

What is good for Marriage? Pre Wedding Shoot or Pre Background Check.

Marriage is like “Two Souls meeting”. It is the most important decision of life. We can say Marriage is the name of a lifelong bonding relation, which starts after the wedding. You can celebrate this day every year but you can’t do marriage every year. That is the reason we hire photographers for pre-wedding shoots and wedding photographs. So we can see and enjoy ourselves when we are old. But what if your marriage is not going well. What if you are not talking to each other and don’t want to live together anymore. Now what to do with these wedding photographs. And now you are thinking why you didn’t hire a detective agency for a pre background check. So these are the 4 Reasons about what is good for a marriage? Pre Wedding Shoot or a Pre Background Check.

  1. Pre-Wedding Shoot Allows you to know each other better. Where Pre Background Check will show you real face or Real identity of your Partner.
  2. You’ll spend about 2-3 Days with your fiancée to shoot a video for you memories but its Takes 2-3 Days for background check and you can easily take a decision for your future life.
  3. In Shining clothes your partner is looking very rich on the day of your wedding shoot but through a background check you will be able to know their Source of Income.
  4. Most importantly, a Pre-Wedding Shoot Charges starts from 50,000Rs-1.5 Lacks, where a pre Background check charges starts from 35,000Rs-80,000Rs only.

Why it is good to hire a Private Investigation agency for Background Checks?

  1. According to a survey in India the rate of Divorce is around 30 per 1,000 Marriages,
  2. According to some News Channel, in every 5 minutes new cases has been reported of domestic violence on husbands and relatives.
  3. Rate of Extra Marital Affairs is 11 per 100 men’s or women’s.

What you will get in pre Background Check.?

  1. Job Profile or Business Profile
  2. Financial Status or Income Status
  3. Social Reputation of the Family
  4. Characters of the Family Members
  5. habit’s (Consuming alcohol/smoking/drugs )
  6. Any Other Relationships in past or present
  7. Temperament of the person
  8. Any Criminal record
  9. Medical History
  10. Illegal activities

So it is absolutely a great decision to do a background check when you are getting married. And it becomes necessary in this stage because you don’t want to live your life in any doubt. And mind should doubt free when you are going to get married. I guarantee you will never regret doing a Pre Background Check rather than a wedding shoot. And reading this blog some of you will start searching for the best Private Detective Agency in Delhi, Gurgaon, or anywhere in India. So here I’ll explain about the most efficient and most professional detective agency in India “Spy Detective Agency”.

Spy Detective Agency is the best detective agency in Delhi that Provides Personal Investigations like Pre/Post Matrimonial Investigation, Cheating Spouse Investigation, and Divorce case Investigation, Loyalty Test, Surveillance Investigation, etc., and Corporate Investigations like Pre Employee Verification, Debugging, Asset Verification, and Intellectual Property Rights and many more services all over India at affordable rates.

Spy Detective agency is providing quality investigation service in India. Mr. Rohit Malik is the director of the company and his young and dynamic and experienced male and female investigators have already created their name in his fertility. We are having a team of over 100+ highly professional investigators, who are operating globally and delivering the best results to our clients. We are known to be the largest team of investigation networks in India with a presence in every major city in India like Mumbai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Surat, Amritsar, Noida, Meerut, Nainital, Kanpur, Gurgaon, Goa, Hyderabad.

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