12 Types of Relationship Affairs

12 types of Relationship Affairs

12 types of Relationship Affairs is the topic that will highlighted by Spy Detective Agency in this Blog. We hope that this blog will help people to resolve their issues and escape from separation of their life partners.

According to a research conducted by the Spy Detective Agency, 70% of men and 45% of women have a relationship at some age in their marriage. These figures incorporate individuals who have confessed to having illicit relationships.

What is an affair? It is a sexual experience, heartfelt companion, or over the top connection between two individuals without a life partners information. It can come in many ways yet every one of them have the basic issue of a breaking of own partner’s trust, untrustworthiness to a responsibility, and unfaithfulness of the relationship. Some of the time it annihilates the underlying relationship and different times the relationship can escape from break.

Some occurred before, some in the present, and others are currently being considered for what’s to come.

 Here are the 12 types of Relationship Affairs I have seen.

  1. One-night stand affair: This affair begins for gaining sexual pleasure. Two people are sexually interested in each other with the opportunity, and desire to have an affair. It is a one-time meet between two unknown people who does not likely to meet again.
  2. In-charge affair: It is often seen in a work place environment where a senior officers is having sex with a subordinate to dominance over other junior employees. Sometimes it is seen that subordinate get faster promotion or increment having sex with their supervisor.
  3. Fictional affair: This is often does when a person is looking at a public figure or movie star with the fantasy of having sex with that person, is outside of their real reach.
  4. Escape affair: Some people believe that only way out of a relationship or marriage is to have an affair with unknown person. Instead of facing or resolving the relational problems head-on, people uses this passive-aggressive affair.
  5. Emotional affair: Rather than having an intimate, emotional connection with their spouse, disloyal person chooses to have an emotional affair with someone. This is not necessarily a physical affair but can turn to physical affair easily.
  6. Superglue affair: Some affairs result in a deep connection that binds two people together in mind and body. This is a hard affair to stop and usually destroys marriages. Those in this affair say that they were made for each other and should have been together.
  7. Compulsive affair: This type of affair is more about meeting the addictive needs of a person rather than about the other people involved. The constant need for sex drives thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to seek out nearly any and every opportunity.
  8. Revenge affair: This is another type of passive-aggressive affair where a person is so upset by the infidelity of their spouse/partner that they seek out and have an affair as revenge. It is a you hurt me, so I’m going to hurt you affair. The greater the hurt, the more this person will act out an even larger betrayal such as having sex with a close friend or co-worker.
  9. Nave affair: Some people naively enter an affair believing that the other person will leave their spouse/partner in exchange for them. This rarely happens. Most of the time the person having the affair will remain with their spouse/partner and string the other person along for as long as they can.
  10. Opportune affair: This affair occurs out of a series of opportune moments such as having an affair with a family member of the spouse/partner or friend. Added to that is the excitement of having the affair and keeping it secret from someone who is so close.
  11. Lustful affair: This type of affair is all about sex. It is done out of intense emotion such as desire, rage, or infatuation. There is no attachment, however, it may happen more than one time or with different partner.
  12. Pursuing affair: For some people, an affair is all about the chase or tease. They want to know that they are desired by others, so they seek out opportunities to go after someone else.

Recovering from an affair is hard work but worth it in the end. Whether or not the initial relationship survives, it is important to deal with the underlying issues.

extramarital affair commonly result in a couple going their separate ways couples counseling, managing negative memories, learning from others.

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