Is Your Partner Having Illegal Extra Marital Affair With Coworker?

Is Your Partner Having Illegal Extra Marital Affair With Coworker

This is such a truth that no wife can hide from her husband or husband from his wife. In today’s time, both male and female work in offices. It is obvious that if you are spending 8-10 hours daily with someone, then you will become a little close without wanting to. In fact, later this closeness starts becoming social, emotional and physical as well. Later, due to these affairs, changes start coming in the behavior of the people, due to which tension and quarrels have started in the family.

According  to a 13+ years old Detective agency in Delhi, there are more than 200 love affair cases comes in a month, out of which more than 150 cases are related to offices only. This count is only of one private detective agency of Delhi, if we count the cases of 200 agencies in India, then probably this number will be more than 1000.

Which are the signs that show that your partner is in an affair with a office friend/collouge?

  1. Spending more time outside the home in the name of office.

Everyone’s work is different, some have field work and some have office. But always coming on time, if someone is increasing his time every day, then there is a possibility of something going wrong. Because it is only after office hours that people get free time to spend time together.

  • If your partner keeps calling his/her name.

It is natural if you are married or you are in an affair with someone. So you think more about that partner with who you are in affair. And when you think too much about someone, then you will talk too much about them.

  • If your partner is defending him/her

It is not necessary that you will always agree with your partner on everything.  But if the matter is justified and still if you defend someone then it is wrong. Likewise It is seen that if someone is in love relationship then he always defends his affair partner leaving his/her married partner.

What to do now?

It is common for women and men to work together in the office, but somewhere the limit is crossed. It is only natural that your partner starts leaning towards his colleague. If you feel that your husband or wife’s relationship is getting deeper with the co-worker, than you should sit and talk. You can explain to your partner and express your concern. And you feel that you are not able to talk to your partner about this, and then you can also take the help of counseling. A better option for counseling is Spy Detective Agency. This is a private detective agency of Delhi which also has the best counselors for matters like post marriage.

What if your partner does not want to break that extra marital affair?

It is important for any husband or wife to know that no one can accept someone’s affair with their partner. And when this happens, the fear of losing your partner remains the most. But what when your partner does not want to break that extra marital affair? You have to draw a line and make it clear that the relationship has to end for the marriage to survive. If your partner refuses to change and continues to pretend they’re having an affair in front of you, no matter how hard you try, then it’s time to leave.


The conclusion is that efforts should be made to stop any wrongdoing before it starts. People think that things will be fine for a few days, but relationships get worse if not stopped. Even police can’t help you in things like extra marital affair and only one option remains which is ‘divorce’, but to win the divorce and to prove the illegal relationship of your partner, you will also need evidence. Which only a private detective agency can bring you, Like Spy Detective Agency, which is not only in Delhi but also in Mumbai, Jaipur, Bangalore and all other cities, it is the first class private detective agency in Delhi.